Our Covid -19 Action Plan For Young People



The Covid-19 crisis continues to impact the livelihood of many, particularly young people. Government measures to prevent the spread of the virus is impacting on the educational experience of many. As the measures in place continue, we expect young people to fall back in school and lose out on educational time. With over 67,000 young people impacted by the closure, it will be impossible to achieve 100 percent school contact hours in year 2020. 

As an organisation we want young people to have someone to turn to. Our primary focus is to make up for lost time in schools, by launching ‘Excel’, our After-School Programme. By launching Excel, we can ensure that young people are given the support they need to succeed. 

Our Covid-19 relief fund will ensure that young people have the opportunity to make up for lost time and improve their chances of educational success. We want to ensure that teachers and our support network are ready and available to support young people as soon as measures to reopen schools are in place. We want young people to gain the confidence and reassurance they deserve in their educational journey. 

Support our relief fund, support young lives and let’s collectively give young people the opportunity to secure their future.